For several years the Association has stocked the river at various locations twice a year. In August 2008 new regulations came into force requiring the Association to obtain a permit before stocking takes place. The permit requires details of the type and number of fish to be stocked and the location and dates of where the fish are to be released.

This has led the Committee to consider its stocking policy. Anglers seem to have strong views on whether stocking should be undertaken or not.  Many anglers want the river to be stocked as they feel this increases their chances of catching fish. Others feel that a river with only natural wild brown trout in provides a more satisfying challenge.

 Some reports indicate that if stocking is stopped then the wild brown trout numbers will, over time, increase.

 Following extensive discussions in the Committee, the 2009 AGM endorsed the following policy:

 Stocking will continue to be undertaken twice per season between East Linton and West Mill weir in Haddington. Upstream of West Mill weir will not be stocked and will be left as wild brown trout only. This policy will continue for the next three years at the end of which it will be reviewed

Upstream of West Mill weir in the wild trout fishing section we strongly encourage catch and release of all fish.  If any angler feels they must take a fish we ask them to observe a strict maximum of two fish per day bag limit.  

  By the end of the three year time period it is expected that the number of wild brown trout will have stabilized or maybe increased and there will have been feed back from permit holders as to how successful or otherwise the policy has been.



  East Lothian Angling Association