East Lothian Angling Association



Management Plan Objectives



Written to all riparian owners with  information on the Action Plan and opened negotiations on long term leases where necessary


All riparian owners written to – a number of longer term leases achieved.

Continue to seek longer term leases

Identified any areas on the Tyne where purchase of fishing rights might be desirable or possible


No areas identified

If areas come up for sale will consider

Produced a leaflet for distribution with permits setting out a code of practice for responsible access to fishing


Not done

Consider for 2006?

Carried out  a survey  of the river and spawning burns


This work has been started - Colstoun Water and Bearford Burn surveyed.

Continue survey

Produced a detailed river map to help planning of  habitat  improvement work


Mapping work started

Continue with mapping


Finished work on the improvements to the fish pass at Knowes Weir


Further work to Knowes Weir  has been completed.

Get advice from Tweed Foundation/SEPA on whether current fish pass is satisfactory

Identified responsibility for other weirs and encouraged remedial work where necessary


Contacted SEPA to discuss impact of Water Framework Directive on ownership  and maintenance of weirs

Continue to press for improvements to weirs and fish passes – priorities are Sandy’s Mill,  Haddington weirs?

Clear Bearford burn of  debris


Lower reaches of Bearford Burn cleared – upper reaches in reasonable condition November 2005


Improved fish cover at Westfield and Nisbet by placing rocks in-stream, subject to agreement with  riparian owners




Established contact with other stakeholders with a view to setting up a meeting to discuss the action plan


Not done

Reconsider for 2006?

Investigated potential sources of funding for habitat improvement work


Some external funding achieved.

Requirement for funding depends on projects to be undertaken

Assessed whether the current stocking policy is consistent with our wider objectives


Stocking to continue at present levels

Committee to consider stocking policy in 2006

New Tasks



Investigate extent of over-shading – deal with priority areas










Ongoing Tasks



Stock  the River Tyne in 2005  - on a similar basis to the size and numbers of  fish  stocked  in  2004



Continue  for 2006

Maintain permit prices at a level consistent with 2004 on the basis that realistic increases in permit prices  would not be sufficient to fund habitat improvements. This may need to be re-visited in future years, depending on success in identifying external funding sources



Continue for 2006?

Print and distribute permits



Continue for 2006

Regularly patrol the river checking permits and compliance with the fishery rule



Continue for 2006

Clear obstructions in the river course and maintain access paths


Partially achieved?

Aim to do more here ?