RIVER TYNE FIVE YEAR ACTION PLAN 2005-2010 (2008 update)


In the five year period  to 2010, the East Lothian Angling Association aims to:



To achieve our objectives we will seek to work in partnership with others with an interest in the River Tyne, including the riparian owners and farmers, East Lothian Council, Haddington and Dunpender Community Councils, the Tyne Trust, the Forth Salmon Fisheries Board, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Wild Trout Trust and the local community.


The Association has identified that work needs to be carried out under three main headings:



The Association recognises that much of this work will be ongoing and that it is unlikely to be completed within the life of this plan.



Securing long term access

Negotiate long term leases

Explore  potential for purchase of fishing rights in selected areas

Develop relations with riparian owners

Seek support for the Action Plan from others with an interest in the Tyne

Education to encourage good practices and responsible behaviour by anglers



Improving  information

Produce a detailed river map

Maintain work records

Carry out  regular river surveys

Monitor spawning burns

Encourage and develop accurate and useful catch returns



Maintaining and improving  habitat

Improve fish passes

Improve in-stream cover for fish by placing rocks

Protect riverbanks from erosion by fencing

Protect river from agricultural chemical spray by the use of buffer zones

Deal with over-shading by bankside tree thinning

Develop stocking policy

Identify funding sources for habitat improvement work

Improve anti-poaching measures



Targets for 2009


By the end of 2009, the ELAA aims to have:



In addition to the new targets listed above, the Association will continue to